Farah Mitchell


Lay down and Workout!


This is not your average glorified calisthenics- mat Pilate’s class.  We work in small groups utilizing state of the art Unique Aero-Pilate’s machines to advance your body flexibility –strength- power and core with the goal of you perhaps advancing through Therafit Smart: 30 on up to Therafit Smart: 60. We are a Progressive One Stop- One Location- Center of Wellness -complete with our own Therafit Smart Nutritional System to compliment the cutting edge workout process of your choice.  

Therafit Aero Machine Pilates is the perfect exercise for jump starting your fitness program.  This one hour class takes place in a fun group setting where participants build lean muscle mass, burn fat, tone and improve flexibility.  This machine based exercise is gentle on the body while still offering a challenging workout.  This is an exercise you can actually do while lying down! 

Aero Machine Pilates is for EVERYONE!

Farah Mitchell is the Therafit Aero Machine Pilates Instructor.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and an extensive background in group exercise as well as one-on-one personal instruction.  Farah facilitates fun, exciting and varied programs where she encourages every participant to reach their individual fitness ability.

Start on your path to fitness and a healthy lifestyle today.  Join Farah for the ONLY Aero Machine Pilates class in Pueblo.