Enter Power for 4- Min Spinn Bike or Mile/Kilo/3k Pursuit Below
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4-Min Time Keiser M3 100% 95.00% 92.50% 90.00% 87.50% 85.00% 82.50% 80.00% 75.00% 70.00% 65.00%
Max 4-min Power Race OBLA AREA NMF WORK Glycolic %Vvo2 workouts FFA
Enter Your Best Time for a Given distance. This is your Velocity at Vo2. Your Pace for Various Metabolic workouts is a % of your vVo2.
Distance by Time 100% 95.00% 92.50% 90.00% 87.50% 85.00% 82.50% 80.00% 75.00% 70.00% 65.00%
Mile Time/ Kilo K-1/3k Pursuit Race OBLA NMF- Lactate WORK Glycolic %Vvo2 workouts FFA
Example is a Best 1-mile of  5-minutes.  A great Aerobic Power- interval workout for this athlete @ 85-88% would be intermittent intervals@ 5:43-5:53 pace or 4:34-4:43 pace for a 4 min miler - 3 min recovery 
Enter your best Time or Power on Bike & you will find a suitable workout pace for your current fitness- from Long FFA workouts- to Tempo Sessions Covering 4 of the 5 Metabolic Levels of Human Performance.

Welcome to our Pace Charts Page: This is a great tool for developing workouts in any sport, Swimming, Running, Olympic K-1 Paddling, Cycling etc..  I learned this from Dr. Joe Vigil . Joe is a world renown USA Olympic Distance Coach.  Thank you Dr. Vigil!

The Chart works by entering your Max Power on the Bike for a 30-Second-4 Minute Effort or entering your BEST time for your event in the same time range.  Examples: A high school 100yd Breastroke  State Champion like Tanner Krall @ 55 seconds would enter 0:55. This would give him 1:09 as a good pace for him to do repeat 100yd intervals say 12 x 100yd to elicit a metabolic response of 80%.  A 4:00 Kilo Paddler   or 4 minute Mile runner would enter 4:00.00 and find that a good 80% %vVO2 workout could be 6-8 Kilo's or Miles at a pace of 5 minutes with minimal rest 2-3 minutes. A top 800 meter runner undergoing a Periodization Plan while being in the Competitive Phase with a best 800 of 1:44.00 would find pace for a good 4x 800 workout with 3 min rest between 90% efforts to be a pace of 1:56.  This only works up to Race Pace.   Great for Volume Pace work and Tempo Runs.  Lets say you are wondering how fast your long Free Fatty Acid runs should be.  Say 20k or 12.4 miles?  If you are shooting at a 4:00 mile or 4 Minute Kilo Paddling, you should be able to maintain a 5:43 mile pace or 5:43 Kilo pace over the 12.4 mile effort and not exceed a Metabolic Cost of 70% of max heart rate.  If by example you start covering this 12.4 mile or 20k run or paddle at 5:29 pace, logic would tell you that your Metabolism has improved and you are laying a good Base Aerobic System to support a New Personal Best of 3:50 for your mile run or Kilo Paddle